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How it Works

Bitcoin's Way is quite simple for everyone. You can replace your financial cards (credit or debit) with Bitcoin cards (connected to any  crypto wallet of yours).

It's nice, simple, and easy.

To order a Bitcoin card, you need to:

1. Install and secure a crypto wallet by your choice.
2. Add a BTC address from this wallet to your order.
3. Make payment via Credit Card, PayPal, Crypto.

The card will come with free delivery to your address - personal, business, postal box, etc.

How the Bitcoin cards work:

Once you have the plastic card in your hands, you can start taking advantage of it.

1. Put the card in your wallet, pocket, or somewhere else.
2. Show to the card (the QR code) to accept payments
3. Keep the card for further use.

Note: The cold storage cards show be kept away from anyone else because you can add your private key/recovery phrase on the backside.